Interview: Raised in Pimp City: Urban insights on traffickers, trafficking, and the counter-trafficking industry


  • Armand King
  • Borislav Gerasimov
  • Marika McAdam



Armand King was involved in human trafficking for over a decade. The journal Editor, Borislav Gerasimov, and the Special Issue Guest Editor, Marika McAdam, conducted this interview with him to better understand his motivations and experiences during this period of his life as well as his views on counter-trafficking.


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Author Biographies

Armand King

Fuelled by his experiences in the streets, Armand King co-founded the non- profit Paving Great Futures and now works to guide others out of the systemic prison pipeline. His life mission now is detouring individuals from the many socio-economic pitfalls faced by the underserved communities in San Diego. He is the author of Raised in Pimp City: The uncut truth about domestic human sex trafficking (Bowker, 2019).

Borislav Gerasimov

Borislav Gerasimov is the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator at the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women and the Editor of Anti-Trafficking Review. He holds a degree in English Philology from Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria, and has previously worked at women’s rights and anti- trafficking organisations in Bulgaria and the Netherlands. He has also volunteered for organisations supporting Roma youth, LGBTI people, people living with HIV/AIDS, and sex workers.

Marika McAdam

Marika McAdam is an independent international law and policy adviser. She has worked globally with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Organization for Migration, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, NEXUS Institute, the Bali Process Regional Support Office and the ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking Program, among others. On human trafficking specifically, she has trained law enforcers, prosecutors and judges; addressed senators and parliamentarians, and written extensively on the challenges of implementing international law in practice.




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King, A., Gerasimov, B., & McAdam, M. (2022). Interview: Raised in Pimp City: Urban insights on traffickers, trafficking, and the counter-trafficking industry. Anti-Trafficking Review, (18), 195–204.