Debate: Money, Money, Money


  • Nina Ilona Ellinger
  • Seeta Sharma



The question: ‘What would be the best way to use ten million dollars?’ leads to many other questions when related to anti-trafficking work.

What should the money be spent on? Who should be appointed to spend the money? And, perhaps most importantly, who should be the beneficiaries? In other words, are the ten million dollars to prevent trafficking of people meant for activities to stop smuggling of people, to stop unwanted migrants, or to protect and uphold people’s rights when they move across borders and need to be protected from trafficking? Would the money be best spent on anti-trafficking work, or would it be better spent on strengthening the rights of all migrants to minimise the risk of trafficking?


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Author Biographies

Nina Ilona Ellinger

Nina Ilona Ellinger worked with refugees in Denmark from 1978—1990 and has worked in the development sector since then. She has been engaged in women’s issues and active as speaker and writer in development education, with a special interest in anti-trafficking and women´s rights. Nina has managed development funds as Project Coordinator for Kvindernes Ulandsudvalg (KULU) Women and Development from 1990—1996 and as Asia and Central America Programme and Training Coordinator for Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS) Danish Association for International Cooperation from 1996—2002. She was posted in Nepal as Country Director of MS Nepal between 2002 and 2005 and in Delhi as Regional Representative to South Asia for DanChurchAid from 2005–2011.

Seeta Sharma

Seeta Sharma has been working on trafficking issues since 1999. She was first with Save the Children (United Kingdom) where she was involved in programming for trafficking of children in labour, particularly in domestic work. From 2006—2012, she worked with DanChurchAid where she was responsible for establishing and implementing a regional migration programme across countries in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. She is currently working with the International Labour Organization in India on various migration projects.




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