Editorial: Trafficking in Minors: Confronting complex realities, structural inequalities, and agency





This Editorial introduces a Special Issue of the journal Anti-Trafficking Review of the topic of ‘Trafficking in Minors’. It argues that the urgency of the phenomena of child trafficking and related issues, such as child labour and child sexual exploitation, and the emotional responses they provoke, have often led to superficial and knee-jerk reactions that obscure the root causes of the problems and deflect attention and resources away from grounded, sustainable solutions. It presents a brief overview of the articles contained in the Special Issue and concludes that policy responses and practical interventions to address trafficking in minors need to have the best interest of the child in mind and address the underlying socio-economic and political root causes.


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Author Biographies

Brenda Oude Breuil

Brenda Oude Breuil is senior lecturer at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology, Utrecht University, and researcher in the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law. Her research focuses on human trafficking, exploitation of minors, and other forms of exploitation in the global economy. As an anthropologist and cultural criminologist, she tries to understand the meaning of crime within its socioeconomic, political, and cultural context. She investigated the exploitation of minors in criminal activities for the Dutch government in 2016 and, most recently, co-edited Notes from Isolation: Global criminological perspectives on coronavirus pandemic (Eleven International Publishing, 2021).

Borislav Gerasimov

Borislav Gerasimov is the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator at the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women and the Editor of the Anti-Trafficking Review. He holds a degree in English Philology from Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria, and has previously worked at women’s rights and anti-trafficking organisations in Bulgaria and the Netherlands. He has also been involved in various capacities in the work of organisations supporting Roma youth, LGBTI people, people living with HIV/AIDS, and sex workers.




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Oude Breuil, B., & Gerasimov, B. (2021). Editorial: Trafficking in Minors: Confronting complex realities, structural inequalities, and agency. Anti-Trafficking Review, (16), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.14197/atr.201221161