No 6 (2016)

Special Issue–Prosecuting Human Trafficking

Guest Editor: Anne T Gallagher

Prosecuting human trafficking is widely viewed as one of the main pillars of an effective national response to trafficking. But worldwide, the number of prosecutions for trafficking and related exploitation remains stubbornly low, especially when compared to the generally accepted size of the problem. Very few traffickers are ever brought to justice and the criminal justice system rarely operates to benefit those who have been trafficked.

Issue 6 of the Anti-Trafficking Review analyses human trafficking prosecutions in different regions of the world and from a range of different perspectives. With five themed articles focusing on Russia, the United States, the Balkans and Western Europe, the issue provides important insights into the practical and policy issues surrounding human trafficking prosecutions.

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Table of Contents


Editorial: The Problems and Prospects of Trafficking Prosecutions: Ending impunity and securing justice PDF HTML
Anne T Gallagher
Two Birds with One Stone? Implications of conditional assistance in victim protection and prosecution of traffickers PDF HTML
Anette Brunovskis, May-Len Skilbrei
Transaction Costs: Prosecuting child trafficking for illegal adoption in Russia PDF HTML
Lauren A McCarthy
The Prosecution of State-Level Human Trafficking Cases in the United States PDF HTML
Amy Farrell, Monica J DeLateur, Colleen Owens, Stephanie Fahy
Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation in Europe: Prosecution, trials and their impact PDF HTML
Biljana Meshkovska, Nikola Mickovski, Arjan Bos, Melissa Siegel
The Prominent Role of National Judges in Interpreting the International Definition of Human Trafficking PDF HTML
Luuk B Esser, Corinne E Dettmeijer-Vermeulen
Investments in Human Trafficking Prosecutions are Indispensable PDF HTML
Victor Boutros, John Cotton Richmond
Prioritising Prosecutions is the Wrong Approach PDF HTML
Kate D’Adamo
The Importance of Strategic, Victim-Centred Human Trafficking Prosecutions PDF HTML
Susan French, Cindy C Liou
Resisting the Carceral: The need to align anti-trafficking efforts with movements for criminal justice reform PDF HTML
Abigail Swenstein, Kate Mogulescu
Not All Prosecutions are Created Equal: Less counting prosecutions, more making prosecutions count PDF HTML
Marika McAdam
Villains and Victims, but No Workers: Why a prosecution-focussed approach to human trafficking fails trafficked persons PDF HTML
Inga Thiemann
Innocent Traffickers, Guilty Victims: The case for prosecuting so-called ‘bottom girls’ in the United States PDF HTML
Alexandra F Levy
Human Rights and Economic Opportunity Will End Trafficking PDF HTML
Juhu Thukral
Palermo’s Promise: Victims’ rights and human trafficking PDF HTML
Martina E Vandenberg

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